WWE TLC: Donald Trump's love affair with wrestling

Barnaby Read 14:34 08/11/2016
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Trump as featured in many WWE shows.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump stuck to the script in being his usual bullish, uncompromising and controversial self.

For many observers looking on, his campaign had all the hallmarks of a pantomime villain or WWE heel.

In the latter, at least, Trump has previous, having had a number of runs in the WWE that culminated in a “Battle of the Billionaires” showdown with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23 that will live long in the memory of the WWE Universe.

And after America voted Trump its new leader, we look at four moments he stepped foot inside the squared circle.


These kind of spots became a familiar sight on Monday Night RAW during Trump’s feud with McMahon but it is the meeting of the minds between the man running for president and the Superstar with a taste for worms that stands out.

An awkward looking Miss USA contestant sitting next to Trump makes much more sense than the rest of the segment, which doesn’t flatter either of the two main antagonists’ acting skills.

On show are those famous Trump staples of pout, no-nonsense demeanour and arrogance – matched with the Boogeyman’s own penchant for shock.

In all fairness, they probably got on and have far more in common than they think…


Back in 2009, The Donald was announced as the kayfabe new owner of Monday Night RAW as the show entered life as a three-hour entity.

In a typically brash show of power and financial clout, Trump announced the show to be advert free for the first time and had money rain down from the ceiling as he said every ticket holder would be reimbursed.

His time at the helm was all for show and his presence as the new owner was fleeting, the storyline determining that Trump was able to sell the WWE back to McMahon a week later for double the price he paid for it.

We expect it’s still on his CV…


It must be said that Trump’s relationship with McMahon and the WWE goes a long way back, well beyond his sporadic guest appearances.

Back in 1988, Trump Plaza in Atlantic City added WrestleMania IV to its list of prestigious hosted events as Trump jumped on the success witnessed by the early years of ‘Mania.

The same venue would host WrestleMania V the following year and establish the relationship between Trump and WWE.

By the time 2013 rolled around, Trump’s place in wrestling history was assured as he was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame – Celebrity Wing.


We have truly saved the best for last here.

In 2007, Trump began a long-running feud with McMahon that culminated in the pair pitting two of their biggest bruisers against each other at WrestleMania.

Umaga was in McMahon’s corner, Bobby Lashley in Trump’s and Stone Cold Steve Austin the guest referee.

Trump’s aide eventually emerged victorious, McMahon had his head shaved and Stone Cold gave Trump a stunner.

The highlight, however, is the moment Trump “attacks” McMahon with some of the worst play acting you will ever see in a wrestling ring.

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